Xibo in the Cloud

Simple, reliable, scalable Xibo CMS Cloud Hosting.

Get your Xibo CMS for only £1.20 GBP per display per month.


Why run Xibo in the Cloud?

The same great Xibo solution without any hassle.


Xibo speaks for itself

Full featured Xibo CMS, ready in 10 minutes.


£1.20 GBP per display per month, billed annually.

500MB library storage, 2GB monthly bandwidth per display.


Managed service, expert support, first class global network.

Packed with benefits

Running Xibo on our Cloud platform brings a host of benefits, from easy configuration to fully managed network.

Deploy - your Xibo CMS in 10 minutes.

It couldn't be easier. Sign up for an account, choose your instance name and confirm your order.

Signage Players

Connect any of the free players or Xibo for Android* at your preference, you can even mix and match. *Xibo for Android licence not included.

Account Limits - simple & generous.

We want our limits to be more than enough for fair usage. Each display comes with 500 MB of Library storage and 2 GB monthly bandwidth allowance. If you think you need more, contact us.

Performance - super fast hardware.

All our Cloud accounts have been tuned to provide the best possible performance for your Digital Signage.

Service - excellent service regardless of size.

Xibo in the Cloud is your own private, full featured Xibo CMS. The latest release is always ready to use as we make new versions available the same day as they are released.

Security first.

All hosting accounts come with SSL enabled.


All instances are securely backed up off-site should the worse happen, for no extra charge.

Xibo as Standard.

We only have Xibo on our network and you can run as many instances as you want.

Support - peace of mind.

Free access to our best-effortsupport desk comes as standard with all Cloud packages.

We are officially open between 8AM - 4:30PM GMT, but get critical notifications 24 hours a day.


Comprehensive Knowledge Base to help you get the most out of Xibo.


Spring Signage are the Xibo Project sponsors and have access to the software engineers responsible for 95% of the Xibo source code.

We use our intimate knowledge of the system to provide the best service possible for your Xibo installation.

Support Contract.

Our standard support is great, but sometimes you need a guaranteed response. Complement your Xibo solution with a Support Contract.

Global Presence - Xibo where you are

Xibo in the Cloud hosting is available to customers worldwide.

Point of presence

Tell us your region and we will pick the best entry point for your CMS. Geographically close entry points are the best for latency and performance.

Tier-1 Bandwidth

Connected with 1Gb/sec network interfaces in only the most trusted data centre providers. Redundant power, physical security, on-site generators, battery backup and multiple network transit paths.

Customer Portal - a clean, simple experience to manage your instances

Register for your account and instantly get a demo, buy an instance or view your account.

Manage instances

Each CMS is an instance and each instance has a number of display slots. View your instance limits, increase the number of display slots available or create another instance - all at the touch of a button.


Get the latest Xibo CMS, any time, directly from the customer portal.

Manage your account

View past purchases, re-print receipts, pay for renewals.


What would it cost and what do you get? Enter your number of displays below.

If you have a large network to deploy, please contact us for a tailored quotation.


Get a 14 day demo account for free, or sign up and buy a full account.

Sign-up Large network?

Your Domain

We offer instances on 3 domains, xibo.co.uk, signagecloud.net and signcdn.com.

Use your own domain and run CMS instances from *.yourdomain.com for £250 per year. Domains must be for sole use by out platform, mail and www can be forwarded to another IP address. All domains are SSL enabled.

Select "Cloud CMS Custom Domain" from the Shop.