Spring Signage are pleased to offer our standard support service and Knowledge Base free of charge to our Hosting and Xibo for Android customers. We are pleased to cover a wide range of issues under our free support and we will usually respond within 24 working hours of receiving the Ticket (see opening hours).

Unfortunately we are not able to provide support for self-hosted CMS installations or Windows/Ubuntu Display clients under our free support service. For issues of this nature please see Priority or Community Support.

Priority Support

Spring Signage are pleased to offer a priority support service on a per incident basis. Priority Support gives you peace of mind that we are working on your issue with High Priority. A Priority ticket guarantees:

  • Email acknowledgement within one hour of your Ticket being submitted during our Opening Hours.
  • A support representative assigned to the Ticket, who will begin work immediately after the acknowledgement.
  • Regular status updates throughout the duration of the Ticket.
  • Where your company logs concurrent issues, we will begin looking at the newer support request within one hour of closing any pending request unless instructed to switch to the new issue immediately by yourselves.


Priority support is charged on a per incident per hour basis at £70 GBP per Ticket up to one hour of support time. Subsequent hours of support on the same Ticket are charged at 40 GBP per hour.

Requesting Priority Support

To request priority support please submit a support ticket with the help desk as usual, but mention that it should be treated as a priority support ticket. During the acknowledgement process our support representative will upgrade your Ticket to High Priority and ask for an invoice name / address.

Bugs and feature requests

If during the course of an incident a bug is found in Xibo, the issue will be reported to the Xibo project via Launchpad. At that point, you may decide if you wish to close the incident and wait for the project to fix the bug in line with its own priorities, or you may opt to keep the case open and have us develop a fix on your behalf. Any fix developed will be contributed to the Xibo project as a bug fix and copyright for the fix assigned to the project team.

Open Hours

Our state of the art help desk is monitored during UK business hours, from 8AM to 4PM (GMT/BST) Monday to Friday.

Outside those hours (for example over the evenings or weekends) emails will still be answered where possible but we cannot offer a guaranteed response time.

Community Support

In those situations where you are not covered by Standard Support and do not want to submit a Priority ticket, the Xibo Project has excellent community support available on the Launchpad Project page. The best bit is that Spring Signage representatives regularly lend a hand.