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Annual Support Contracts.

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Supporting your Xibo Signage Network

A range of support options available for Xibo in the Cloud instances, Xibo for Android installations and on-premise Xibo networks.

Support Contract

Annual support contract for your Xibo solution, including on-premise CMS installations.

See below for a full list of benefits.

Product Support

Submit a ticket with our Help Desk using the support tab on the right hand side of the site. We aim to give you a response within 48 hours.

Available to Cloud and Xibo for Android customers.

Knowledge Base

Our extensive knowledge base is publicly available 24/7.


Xibo has a thriving community who have asked and answered thousands of Xibo questions.

Browse the archives or ask a new one!

Support Contract

Need the peace of mind provided by a Support Contract?

However you have chosen to run your Xibo solution, Spring Signage can provide an annual support contract to take care of any problems that may arise.

Key Facts

  • Support contracts cover all Spring Signage Products and Services.
  • Support contracts cover the operation of your on-premise CMS.
  • Contact should be via a nominated person within your organisation.
  • Contact us to through our help desk or by email to open a ticket.
  • A support contract document will be provided detailing the terms of cover and any special considerations.
  • All contracts are renewed annually.


We've kept our service level agreement simple, with a valid support contract you can expect:

  • Email acknowledgement within one hour of your Ticket being submitted during our Opening Hours.
  • Priority over other tickets.
  • A support representative assigned to the Ticket, who will begin work immediately after acknowledgement.
  • Regular status updates throughout the duration of the Ticket.

Version Protection

New versions of the software components that make up Xibo are released from time-to-time.

Where a charge would have been applicable, holders of a valid support contract will receive the new version free of charge, including major version changes of Xibo for Android.

The support contract does not cover remote installation of updates.


If during the course of an incident a bug is found in Xibo, the issue will be reported on the Xibo GitHub Issues page.

At that point, you may decide if you wish to close the incident and wait for the project to fix the bug in line with its own priorities, or you may opt to keep the case open and have us develop a fix on your behalf at extra cost.

Any fix developed will be contributed to the Xibo project as a bug fix and copyright for the fix assigned to the project team.

Support is not for diagnosing problems with 3rd party add-ons or to provide remedies to things outside the control of Spring Signage, e.g. problems with hardware, networks, operating systems and related software.

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Opening Hours

The Help Desk is open 24/7 for new tickets. It is monitored Monday to Friday 8AM to 4:30PM GMT.

Exclusive of UK national holidays.