Xibo for Android User Manual

Xibo for Android builds on the display clients already offered by the Xibo Project and aims itself specifically at low cost Android Devices.

It has been designed from the ground up using the latest native technology for Android and supports all the majour media types provided by the Xibo CMS.

Xibo for Android is a commercial display client available from Spring Signage, the sponsors of the Xibo Project. It communicates with the Xibo CMS using the same message format as the open source clients and can run alongside the open source solution without any modifications.

A licence per display client will need to be purchased for continued use of the application after the 14 day trial period. See the licence section for more information.

Software Get Xibo for Android

Xibo for Android is available for download from the Spring Signage Download Centre as an APK file. An APK file is an installable file recognised by Android.

We recommend you always run the latest version of Xibo for Android.

There will always be a verion of Xibo for Android that can run against the Xibo Projects supported releases (starting from 1.4).

Hardware Which devices are best?

Xibo for Android will run on any device with Android 4.1 or higher.

We recommend that you select a device with a good GPU and plenty of RAM. We have put together some recommened devices that we use here at Xibo HQ - these can be found in the FAQ.

Please make use of the 14 day trial period to test with your intended device and ensure that Xibo for Android runs to your satisfaction before purchase.

Our recommended devices are the ones we use here and therefore have been tested for the longest and proved to be capable. We strongly recommend you use them, but please make sure you are satisfied before placing a large order.