Here at Spring Signage we are constantly working on the open source Xibo Roadmap, bringing new features and bug fixes to the Xibo Community. We do our best to pick the things that the community want the most and to fix the most pressing issues, but we release we can’t always get everyone’s priorities addressed.

To help get the things you want, when you want them we are happy to provide a sponsored feature development service which takes your requirement and puts it at the top of the queue.

Many of the new features the community now enjoy have been sponsored by 3rd party individuals and organisations that wanted something extra in Xibo.



We know every requirement is different and that development can take some time, so we will always quote a fixed price. Our prices are low compared to other software houses as we know that all features are useful to the community and because the work we do will be released back to the project under the AGPL.

If you have something you want developed, please contact us with your requirement and we will be happy to explore it with you in more detail.


Examples of our work

Of course, the Xibo Project is one big example of our work – but here are a few things that have been sponsored before – perhaps you will have used them yourself already!

* The new 1.6 HTML Preview
* The permissions system released in 1.5
* Support for resuming file downloads in the Windows Client
* Socket Listener in the Ubuntu Client released in 1.2
* CMS Multiple file upload tool released in 1.5
* Wake On LAN support
* CMS theme engine
* and many bug fixes!