Sponsor the development of a new feature or bug fix.

Development from the Project Sponsors

Spring Signage are working full time on the Xibo Roadmap, bringing new features and bug fixes to the community and our customers.


If there is something on the Xibo Roadmap that you want to be moved forwards or if you have a new requirement, Spring Signage can develop it for you.

Bug Fixes

A particular bug not getting the attention you would like? Sponsor us to take a look at it for you.

Open Source

Everything we do for the open source project (excluding Xibo for Android) is contributed back to the project under the AGPLv3.


Every requirement is different so we price on a case by case basis.

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95% of the software has been written by Spring Signage staff.

Here are a few things that have been sponsored before – perhaps you will have used them yourself already!

  • CMS Layout Preview in 1.6 Series
  • The extended permissions system released in 1.5
  • Support for resuming file downloads in the Windows Client
  • Socket Listener in the Ubuntu Client released in 1.2
  • CMS Multiple file upload tool released in 1.5
  • Wake On LAN support
  • CMS theme engine
  • DataSet based Tickers
  • Import / Export Layouts