Resellers welcome!

Here at Spring Signage we believe in keeping reselling as simple as possible. Therefore we are happy to allow our Xibo for Android product and our Hosting services to be resold by anyone.

Just sign up for our Customer Portal and instantly purchase Xibo for Android licences or Hosting packages to sell to your customers.

Want to purchase a large volume? Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements further.

Xibo CMS

Change the Application name throughout the CMS and the Logo shown in the header.

Windows Client

Change the Application Name, Splash screen and MSI installer.

Ubuntu Client

Change the application name, splash screen and logo.

Xibo for Android

Change the Name, Icon, Splash Screen and About text to completely re-brand Xibo for Android.

Each device will still need a client licence.

Please note that for the Xibo CMS, Windows and Ubuntu client the AGPL Licence and Copyright notices must remain present and visible. Xibo for Android will not show any licensing information.


The Xibo for Android white label can be purchased directly from the Customer Portal. Please contact us regarding the other services.

Service Price (GBP)
Xibo CMS £150
Windows Client £150
Ubuntu Client £150
Xibo for Android £150

Application Versions

Xibo is a fast growing product and we do issue updates from time to time.

Updates to the Xibo CMS, Windows Client and Ubuntu Client are not automatically white labelled and would need to be re-purchased should you require an updated.

Updates to Xibo for Android will be automatically white labelled and available for download in the Customer Portal. Please note if it is a major update (for example 1.4 to 1.6, or 1.6 to 1.7) there is a charge to upgrade your licence pool, but not for the white label.