Considering Xibo as the foundation for your business? Already selling Xibo Services & Xibo for Android?

Get a Reseller Account for only £110.00 GBP per year.


Reselling with Spring Signage

We are looking for skilled resellers to deliver Xibo based solutions and services across the globe.

Reseller Accounts enable you to resell Spring Signage products to your own customers and integrate licensing and cloud provisioning with your own e-Commerce system through our API. More information can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Leverage the Xibo brand.

Xibo has a huge following and is becoming a recognised leader in the Digital Signage market.

Leverage your own brand.

Use Xibo as a base for your own signage service.

Volume linked discounts.

Discounts on our advertised pricing, linked to your sales volume.

Do I need a Reseller Account?

Without a Reseller Account With a Reseller Account
Supply Open Source Xibo Components to Customers.
Charge for services around Xibo Open Source Components.
Purchase White Labelled Components for internal use or supplied as a service.
Purchase Xibo for Android / Xibo in the Cloud and supply to Customers as a managed service.
Purchase Xibo for Android / Xibo in the Cloud and resell to Customers.
Purchase White Label Branding and resell to Customers.
Discounts of 5% for annual revenue under £1000 and 12% thereafter on all Xibo in the Cloud and Xibo for Android purchases.
Platform integration with your website using our Platform API.

White Label

Change the Xibo branding to suit your business or organisation

Whether you are reselling or not, you can change the branding of the application to suit your business or organisation. Each type of build can be purchased individually from the Shop. If you don't have an account you can sign up here.

Xibo CMS

Change the Application name throughout the CMS and the Logo shown in the header.

Xibo for Windows

Change the Application Name, Splash screen and MSI installer.

Xibo for Android

Change the Name, Icon, Splash Screen and About text to completely re-brand Xibo for Android.

Each device will still need a client licence.

Please note that for the Xibo CMS and Windows player the AGPL Licence and Copyright notices must remain present and visible. Xibo for Android will not show any licensing information.

Your customers must always know they are using Open Source software.

Product Updates

Xibo is a fast growing product and we do issue updates from time to time.

Updates to the Xibo Windows Player are not automatically white labelled and would need to be re-purchased should you require an updated version.

Updates to Xibo for Android and Xibo CMS will be automatically white labelled and available for download in the Customer Portal. Please note if it is a major update (for example 1.4 to 1.6, or 1.6 to 1.7) there is a charge to upgrade your Xibo for Android licence pool, but not for the white label.